I have no control. I try to move any muscle in my body that will listen, but none respond. I lie there, trying to determine what time of day it is by the light from behind my eyelids. This is of no help of course, and it isn't long before I completely lose track of time. My guess is that this is day four or so, given I have heard my friends visit four times since being put into this coffin. Yes, the coffin. It was the last thing I saw before Wednesday reached over and pushed my eyelids closed. The body was made from a hollowed out tree, but the lid was inlaid with beautiful stained glass depicting irises and roses. I recognized them well as they were the window panes from the cottage I had been sharing with the Seven dwarves. Tuesday must have taken them out and worked them into the lid. He is a genious with working with glass.

I'v ereached a point where I can feel hunger and thirst, and my throat aches from the want to scream, but still I can do nothing but hope for an end. The spell that was put over me from the poison in the apple seems to preserve me, however I can still feel all of the pain from starving. My nerves are on fire. I start to slip in and out of consciousness, but the dreams I have are no escape. Today I dream that I am lieing on a bed of swords, all pointed upward. They dig into my flesh as I try to move, pinning me on the blades. I can feel the blood running down my arms, making the blades shine in the eerie light. I am unable to turn my head, but I can at least move my eyes to see that I am in a pit, though I cannot make out the walls around me. The pain of the swords sends fire through my body, but even here I am unable to scream. There is no sound other than the dripping of blood down the blads. At least until she appeared.

"You shouldn't have to wait much longer." Her voice was clear and rang out like a bell in the silence. I looked to the left and saw a figure standing on the blades. She was shrouded in darkness but I could see one thing very clearly in the light.

She was completely barefoot.
For the first time in weeks, Badra had the whole house to herself. Micah was off fighting God only knows (literally), Sam was otherwise preoccupied with Grace, and Philip...well, she really didn't care. He was out of the house and she was thankful not to have a nose full of bachelor wolf. She had all of the furniture in the living room pushed to one side and rolled up the rug to give herself plenty of floor space, then pulled back the curtains to let in the sunlight from the bright day outside. She took in a deep breath and smiled at the warmth flooding into the room, then turned to her iPod in its dock in the sound system.

Dragons always have the best sound systems.

She moved to the center of the clear area and let her hair out of its braid. She shook the small curls until they fell down to her calves, then pulled up the sides of her layered skirt and tucked them into her waistband to make ruffles of purple and white cascade from her hips. She let out a slow breath and stood still with her arms raised level with her shoulders. The music started with a slow swell of accordion and violin and Badra concentrated on moving the muscles of her abdomen in a steady wave, as though the music was washing over her from head to toe. A base line came in with a drum in short bursts and she raised her chest with each beat, light shining off of the coins the hung from her purple choli. There was a burst as the melody started and her hips shimmied along with the rhythm, going from fluid movement to controlled popping and locking in an instant to match the flow of the music. She spun in place, nearly wrapping herself in her own hair, and moved around the room with her eyes closed and a smile widening on her face.
And I'm gonna. I kind of abandoned NaNo, though I'm not sure why. But now I've got something else running through my head and I wanna get it out.

I blame Grimme and Once Upon a Time. Just so you know.

Also, no editing is happening before I post these bits, I'm making it up on the fly.



Once upon a time, Kai and I were the best of friends. Our windows were right across from each other, and every day we would meet each other by climbing the gutter that ran between our buildings. At least, that's how it was before he changed. Neither of us knew that, while we were playing and going about our lives, demons had created a mirror that distorts reality. It had the ability to make even the most beautiful of scenes appear disgusting and ugly. That mirror was shattered and shards of it were carried by the wind across the world. Many of the shards lodged in people's hearts and eyes, making them view the world as though through the distorted mirror. One day, Kai suddenly decided he wanted nothing to do with any of us. He had been infected by one of the shards. We had our first real fight and he stomped all over the roses that grew in the box under my window.

That's about the same time she came around.

A woman in white. She swept him away like a cold wind from the market square one evening without a word. I've spent the past two years trying to find him so I could bring him home. The journey so far has taken me across several kingdoms and along the way I've met many others with similar situations to my own. I've helped when I could and many have chosen to join me in the search for my beloved Kai. There are seven of us now, and together we will take on the Snow Queen.


Apr. 6th, 2011 03:33 pm
Yeah, so...apparently I forgot about my DW account *snort* Or at least, I haven't had any time set aside for writing lately, so I haven't had any reason to post here. Of course, I don't even have any user icons yet and really, there's just no excuse for that shit.

Too lazy to get on that now, though. Perhaps I will finally eat breakfast (don't judge me, I work a late shift), and will scribble a flash fiction down later. I really need to get back into the habit of writing SOMETHING daily!

New stuffs!

Feb. 2nd, 2011 06:35 pm
Today is an awesome day to start a new journal! I have a new job! Excitement!

I think that this may end up being where I dump random bits of fiction. Yes. That sounds like a plan.



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