Jan. 22nd, 2012

For the first time in weeks, Badra had the whole house to herself. Micah was off fighting God only knows (literally), Sam was otherwise preoccupied with Grace, and Philip...well, she really didn't care. He was out of the house and she was thankful not to have a nose full of bachelor wolf. She had all of the furniture in the living room pushed to one side and rolled up the rug to give herself plenty of floor space, then pulled back the curtains to let in the sunlight from the bright day outside. She took in a deep breath and smiled at the warmth flooding into the room, then turned to her iPod in its dock in the sound system.

Dragons always have the best sound systems.

She moved to the center of the clear area and let her hair out of its braid. She shook the small curls until they fell down to her calves, then pulled up the sides of her layered skirt and tucked them into her waistband to make ruffles of purple and white cascade from her hips. She let out a slow breath and stood still with her arms raised level with her shoulders. The music started with a slow swell of accordion and violin and Badra concentrated on moving the muscles of her abdomen in a steady wave, as though the music was washing over her from head to toe. A base line came in with a drum in short bursts and she raised her chest with each beat, light shining off of the coins the hung from her purple choli. There was a burst as the melody started and her hips shimmied along with the rhythm, going from fluid movement to controlled popping and locking in an instant to match the flow of the music. She spun in place, nearly wrapping herself in her own hair, and moved around the room with her eyes closed and a smile widening on her face.



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